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Top Streetwear Trends to Watch

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Ever since its inception in the 1980s, streetwear has continued to disrupt the fashion industry. Today, the streetwear style has evolved and continues to do so to accommodate different tastes. It might explain why anybody, regardless of age or gender, can pull off a streetwear style comfortably. For streetwear enthusiasts, part of keeping their style trendy involves staying up to date with emerging trends. This article highlights key trends disrupting the streetwear style. 

Plaid Shakets 

If you do not know what a shaket is, think about a hybrid of a shirt and a jacket. Plaid shakets have proved to be quite popular in streetwear circles, and they serve the simple aesthetics of the board culture well. To pull off the plaid shaket style, pair it with a t-shirt or a hoodie. Plaid shakets are characteristically thick and oversized, but you can find fitting pieces if you are not into the baggy style. Currently, plaid shakets with a utilitarian theme and industrial hues are popular. However, you should prioritise comfort when choosing plaid shakets. For instance, you can select shakets with chest pockets, straps or buckles, depending on your convenience and comfort needs.

UV-Activated Clothing 

There is no doubt that past streetwear styles are influencing current trends. Colour is one aspect that distinguishes streetwear clothing from other styles. Today, streetwear brands are taking their art to a completely different level with colour morphing clothing. This is all thanks to UV reactive technology, which streetwear brands leverage to make UV-activated clothing. The print designs on UV-activated streetwear clothing change colours when exposed to sunlight. The resulting rainbow effect gives the clothing a unique vibe synonymous with streetwear. Therefore, if you love the old colourful streetwear styles of the 80s and 90s, you might want to try UV-activated clothing. 

Graphic Sweaters 

Sweaters have always been laid-back and straightforward wear. In fact, nothing is striking about plain sweaters, which is why they have never been part of the streetwear style. However, it is no longer the case today as graphic sweaters are making inroads into streetwear fashion. Graphic sweaters are a fresh update to the plain and boring knitwear that most people are used to, and major streetwear brands are creating beautiful pieces. Graphic sweaters are the perfect cold-weather streetwear clothing since your graphic tees do not keep you warm. Therefore, if you have been struggling to find the proper streetwear for the cold weather, look no further than graphic sweaters.