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Key Features to Look for in an Online Custom Kit Design Platform

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In the past, designing sports kits for different teams was a tiring and lengthy process for sports directors. You had to sit down with various groups, choose a design and colour, find a designer, then send the final design to a manufacturer. The long process meant that sports directors had to plan everything so that kits could be delivered on time before the season kicked in. Today, designing bespoke sports kits is easy thanks to design tools that most manufacturers have on their websites. All you have to do is visit the website of a preferred kit manufacturer, sketch your kit, and submit the final design online. However, some custom sports kit design platforms are too simplistic compared to others. This article highlights key features to look for in a bespoke sports kit design tool.

3D Capabilities

Technology surrounding design has come a long way, and you should not be contented with an online sports kit design tool that only offers 2D capabilities. The reason is that you want to see how your kit design looks like from different angles before submitting it to a manufacturer. For instance, light conditions can make colours appear different, which can affect the overall design. Furthermore, you might want to add stripes or a design element on a jersey's side, which is only possible with a 3D kit design. Therefore, ensure that the bespoke sports kit building platform you use has a 3D option.

Colour Variety

Colour is a crucial part of the bespoke kit design process because it gives teams a unique identity. Therefore, when selecting colours for your bespoke kits, the designing platform you use should offer as many colour options as possible. The reason is that some printing techniques do not work well with some colours. For instance, sublimation allows you to design sports kits in any colour you want, while screen-printing does not. A kit design platform that offers more colour varieties should also have several printing methods. It allows the flexibility to pick and choose whichever hue you need for your bespoke sports kits.

Stock Designs

Designing bespoke kits requires brainstorming between a designer, a team, and a sporting director. Sometimes, the process can be overwhelming, which is why you need a place to start from. Consequently, you need an online platform with stock designs to help you get started. For example, you can select a pre-existing design on a manufacturer's platform then make the necessary changes to give it a custom look. Using stock designs helps speed up the kit-building process, saving you valuable time.

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